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ByltAx is the innovative global provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services that you need to scale efficiently and effectively. That means you get to focus on what your organization is great at, while we focus on supporting your growth. Through 18 years of Swedish Management & Philippine Customer Service Principles, we have aided to the growth of renowned businesses in a vast variety of industries- both locally and internationally. With a 24/7 operation, hundreds of full-time employees have found work at our production center located at the heart of Makati City, the main business district of The Philippines.

One of our key strengths is the ability to custom-design high-performing services that accommodate the varying needs and situations of our clients- from individual processes to multiple business functions. Through our commitment to integrity, teamwork, and quality, we aim to deliver unmatched outsourcing services that are both customer-focused and cost-effective for our clients.

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Mats Hillerstam

In the early years of the BPO Industry, Mats saw the opportunity to pair the amazing hospitality & English proficiency of the Filipinos with the growing demand for outsourcing services in Europe & North America. Thus, ByltAx was founded and became one of the pioneering BPO companies in the Philippines. Since then, he has been leading the company to higher levels of achievement through his unwavering positive outlook as well as drive for advancement in Technology and Support.

Connect with Mats Hillerstam via LinkedIn.

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Outsourcing in the Philippines

The Philippines is considered to be the top 5 English speaking countries in the world with English being the first language in the Philippines. The proficient and natural American english accent along with the great industry track record, favorable labour costs, highly skilled workforce, mandatory sophisticated security networks and a cultural match to western countries makes the Philippines labeled the call center capital of the world.

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Customer Management


BYLTAX offers 24/7 exclusive support for all your customer service channels- voice, live chat, & email. Our services are designed to acquire you new customers & nurture existing ones. We carefully follow your scripts and adopt your brand personality in all conversations to reinforce your image.


Our goal is to be far more than just a call center - we want to be your strategic partner. We will increase your sales and retention rates by delivering superior customer experiences through Tele sales, Telemarketing, Outbound Customer Service, & more!

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Graphic Services

We offer a wide variety of graphic services ranging from high-end photo-retouching of your products/services to designing your brand and marketing materials. Understanding that images can double a company's conversion, we guarantee excellent quality & on-time delivery for every order& for a very competitive price.

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Software Development

We are a full service provider for software solutions providing the right balance between quality and cost and we offer several models for outsourcing of your software development projects. Depending on your needs, we offer not only individual resources but also an entire team of professional developers, either led by you and acting as an integrated part of your existing organization, or to be seen fully as an external resource and led by us.

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Why Us


We highly prioritize Business English fluency. Through our weekly in-house training, we minimize friction in customer interaction & enhance customer confidence to create a positive lasting impression. We also encourage the expansion of your customer reach by offering support in multiple languages.


We make it easy and inexpensive for you to operate & succeed. Our services are 30% lower than local market price.
Email us directly for our rate list.


We customize our services to accommodate your unique needs, adjusting everything from scheduling, to number of seats per season, to training, etc. E.g., more seats during peak shifts and less seats during off-peak shifts.

DEDICATED 24/7, 365

We guarantee that your company will always operate smoothly & securely. We've ensured the incorporation of the best IT practices and established a backup facility strategy- backup power supply, internet provider (both dedicated/wired), server, & office.

ByltAx is an innovative provider of customer-centric
business process outsourcing services.
We provide offshore services to industries
and clients all over the world.


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